Free Wisdom Tooth Examination

The first step to getting treatment for your wisdom teeth at Goehring Dental, located in Austin, TX, is to have Dr. Goehring conduct a thorough physical examination of your mouth and teeth. During the examination he will look for symptoms of wisdom teeth such as pain or swelling towards the back of the mouth, pain in the jaw area, and any irritation caused by erupting teeth. Approximately 90% of patients have at least one impacted wisdom tooth that should be extracted in order to preserve the integrity of their overall oral health. Dr. Goehring will accurately assess your clinical situation and will then explain in understandable terms what your diagnosis is and your available treatment options. Read on to learn more about wisdom tooth examinations available at Goehring Dental in Austin, TX and then contact our office if you would like to schedule a consultation with a embrace orthodontist.

Free Wisdom Tooth Examination

When you visit Goehring Dental, Dr. Goehring will begin your complimentary physical wisdom tooth examination by visually inspecting the mouth to check for problems related to emerging wisdom teeth, such as signs of infection, tooth decay, developing gum disease, or signs of impaction of teeth. Next, digital x-rays will be taken to the mouth so that the position of your wisdom teeth can be evaluated by Dr. Goehring. He will use these x-ray images to identify any problems or potential problems that may emerge as a result of impaction in the future. X-rays will also provide information about the health of the teeth adjacent to your wisdom teeth and whether they are in danger of being compromised or damaged. Upon conclusion of the examination, Dr. Goehring will report his findings, diagnosis, and recommendations for your wisdom tooth treatment. Patients will have the opportunity to have all of their questions and concerns addressed by Dr. Goehring of Goehring Dental.

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Wisdom teeth typically begin to grow between the ages of 17 and 25 in most cases, but they can become problematic at any age if they are not removed. While it is more common for younger patients to require wisdom tooth extractions, adults of any age can begin to experience the symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth if they are not treated in a timely manner. As we age, any remaining wisdom teeth can become increasingly anchored in the jawbone and can be more difficult to extract in the future. If you are experiencing pain, pressure, or discomfort in your mouth and you believe that it might be due to your wisdom teeth, then contact Goehring Dental to schedule your no-obligation consultation with Dr. Goehring. Even if your wisdom teeth are fully erupted and aren’t causing any obvious problems, they could still be adversely and stealthily harming your oral health. Our wisdom tooth experts have a tremendous amount of experience and are highly trained in the treatment of the full spectrum of wisdom tooth problems.

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