Preventing Dry Socket after Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Once Dr. Goehring has completed your wisdom tooth removal at Goehring Dental in Austin TX, he will place gauze pads on the extraction sites. These gauze pads will help the body to form healing blood clots that will protect the extraction sites. Gauze pads should be changed regularly and anytime they become saturated; minimal bleeding may persist throughout the first 24 hours after oral surgery. Sometimes, however, the healing clot becomes dislodged or dissolves spontaneously and leaves the extraction site unprotected and susceptible to infection and a condition known as dry socket. Dry socket can be very painful and can lead to infection of the extraction sites if left untreated. Dry socket is commonly associated with embracing orthodontics. Dr. Goehring has provided some expert advice and tips on how to avoid dry socket following wisdom tooth extraction at Goehring Dental in Austin, TX! Read on to learn more about dry socket and how to prevent it for a smooth and speedy recovery.

Preventing Dry Socket after Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Dry socket can be a very painful complication that can occur after wisdom tooth extraction. Fortunately, dry socket is very treatable and also highly preventable. Here are some helpful tips on preventing dry socket from wisdom tooth dentist Dr. Goehring:

Do not brush, floss, or rinse within the first 24 hours after surgery.

After the first 24 hours after surgery, brush, floss, and rinse gently and CAREFULLY!

Do not use straws or cause any suction in the oral cavity, suction may dislodge healing clots.

DO NOT SMOKE or use any tobacco products! Smoking and tobacco use is associated with an increased risk of developing dry socket after wisdom tooth extraction.

Avoid sugary, carbonated, and alcoholic beverages as they can cause disintegration of healing clots that protect bone and nerve tissue at wisdom tooth extraction sites.

Stay well hydrated; drink plenty of water while recovering after wisdom tooth extraction.

Abstain from heavy lifting and strenuous activities in the first few days after your oral surgery.

Avoid spicy and hard to chew foods that may irritate extraction sites.

Do not eat foods that could easily become stuck in the healing extraction sites.

Certain prescription and over-the-counter medications can interfere with the ability of blood to form clots, so discussing all of the medications you are currently taking with Dr. Goehring before your procedure is extremely important. Patients taking prescription birth-control may opt to schedule their wisdom tooth extractions for a time when their estrogen levels are lower because research suggests that high levels of estrogen are potentially linked to higher risk of developing dry socket. Be sure to discuss all medications that you are currently taking with Goehring Dental in order to ensure your utmost safety.

Dry Socket Symptoms & Treatment

It is normal for patients to experience some degree of pain, swelling, or bruising following their wisdom tooth extraction procedure. If, after a few days, the pain in your extraction sites becomes severe instead of diminishing, then you may be exhibiting symptoms of dry socket which include:

Swelling of gum tissue

Foul smelling breath (halitosis)

Irritation near or around extraction sites

Redness in or around extraction sites

Severe, throbbing pain that does not diminish or gets worse over time

If you experience any of these symptoms of dry socket, it is imperative to Dr. Goehring or your dentist that they address the situation as soon as possible. Only your dentist can accurately diagnose and provide treatment for dry socket which includes cleaning infected tissue, prescription anti-inflammatory medications, and special oral rinses.

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